I Love Colors!

I love Colors! is a prototype of a design intervention teaching mothers about food dyes and why it’s important to feed their children foods without synthetic dyes. The prototype consists of a group of large color posters that communicate the problem, a wallet sized take-away card that can be referenced while grocery shopping. I Love Colors! can be found in grocery stores, school cafeterias, hospitals, doctors offices, etc.

Color and Systems Thinking

I Love Colors! was a team project assigned in Color and Communication with Kristin Hughes and Mark Mentzer in the spring of 2010. We were to take a systems thinking and sustainability approach to deconstructing a problem and then use color and communication as a means to design a resolution to the problem. The final project was to be presented at an art show sponsored by Grow Pittsburgh. The presentation would have sample prototypes along with an explanation of the project and how it could be used in a larger context.

Design Process

We first determined how color systems could be used to communicate a problem around sustainability. We ended up taking a quite literal approach to the concept. We asked ourselves, “How can we communicate how a natural eating cycle (see color, eat color) has been exploited with the use of dyes, sugars, and unethical marketing campaigns?” Our resolution was to simply raise awareness that color dyes have an effect on people, especially children. From this, we came up with a series of scenarios of how this information can be taught.

My Contributions

  • Color Research
  • Concept Ideation
  • Sketching
  • Collaging
  • Photography
  • The Red Poster design Download
  • I Love Colors! logo Download
  • Color Take-Away Design Download


  • Sarah Calandro
  • Lauren Chapman
  • Hannah Gilchrist

The Ellis School Presentation

After the semester was over, I was fortunate to be given the opportunity of presenting this project to a group of high school girls at The Ellis School in Pittsburgh. The intention was to raise their awareness of synthetic color dyes in foods and the effects those dyes can have on health. Following the presentation, we spent an afternoon at the grocery store looking at ingredients labels and finding foods with food dyes. The next day, the girls made their own poster to communicate to others about this issue.

Color and Communication, Spring 2010
Kristin Hughes and Mark Mentzer
Carnegie Mellon University

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